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Wednesday, 28th August 2019

Please Don't Feed The Birds


An initiative has been rolled out to help keep the town centre clean and we need your help! 

Lowestoft Vision and East Suffolk Council are asking locals and tourists to stop feeding the seagulls in hopes that they will steer clear of the town centre keeping noise levels down and reduce the volume of mess that they have been creating, often leaving areas of our town looking dirty and unkempt! 

As part of the initiative, bright stickers are going up in shop windows and on bins asking people to not feed the birds and for local businesses to keep food waste securely stored away.

They have also secured the hawk for another few years who you will see circulating the town to ward off any remaining seagulls. 

Amie Mullen from Lowestoft Vision has said 

" We could see that the seagulls were becoming more and more of a nuisance not only from the businesses we speak with but from living and shopping in the town ourselves”

"It is amazing how many people you see throwing food for the seagulls. The birds are becoming climatised to people in the town and as a result, they swarm areas and create huge amounts of mess"

"It is important to gain control of the situation and ensure that these birds are safe but out of the town, I am confident the stickers will remind people to be more conscientious and put their food waste in the bins provided"

We fully support Do Not Feed The Birds and ask that you also get behind Lowestoft Vision & East Suffolk Council to keep our beautiful seaside town clean and seagull free! 

If you have any questions please contact Amie at Lowestoft Vision


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