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Friday, 10th April 2020

Virtual Easter Trail

As we are all staying at home during these unprecedented times, we unfortunately won’t be able to hold our normal Easter Trail.

However, we’ve come up with a plan and the winner gets a £20 M&S Voucher

Using the wonders of Google Street View, we have created the Virtual Lowestoft Town Trail.

Below are some questions about the Lowestoft Town Centre, the High Street and Bevan Street.

Clicking the starting point link below will transport you into the town centre where you can go up and down, look around and find all the answers that are to be found.

There are 20 questions, some easy and some tricky ones, so keep you eyes open and look every where.

Message us with your answers on our facebook page (please don't put them in the comments!) and we will pick a winner from the messages we receive. Closing date for your answers is 30th April 2020.

(Questions were made using the latest images, there is no need to travel in time to find the answers. Winner will be the person with the highest score, in the event of a tie the winner will be chosen at random from the tied entries)

Starting Point

  1. What is the number on the lamp post outside New Look?
  2. How many metal benches are there on London Road North between Sports Direct and McDonalds?
  3. What are the two men on the left doing in Bevan street as the Google car drives up the street?
  4. If you’re near pound stretcher, what is the time? To the closest 5 minutes (depending which way you look)?
  5. When were the town hall stores established ?
  6. At Annatar, where are foot prints left?
  7. What is Lowestoft doing at The Workspace in the High Street?
  8. If you check the sign before going down Rants Score, where else does Cycle Route 1 take you apart from Ness Point and Corton?
  9. How many pairs of shoes are in the right hand window of Clarkes?
  10. What is on the white van outside Sams?
  11. How many fish can you spin on the play boat?
  12. What breed is the animal is on the wall at the north end of the High Street?
  13. How much will a sports umbrella directly cost you?
  14. How many ornamental flowers are under each (not the total) of the downstairs windows of the old Town Hall (just in the High Street)?
  15. How much would a Hyundai Tucson cost per month?
  16. What type of roll can you see while waiting for the bus?
  17. How are Salvina’s now selling their ice cream?
  18. Which letter is missing from Ladbrokes?
  19. If you buy a journal, how much would you save on a wristband for the Pleasure Beach?
  20. What date was Showaddywaddy on at the Marina Theatre?

And just for fun, if you’re sneaky enough you might be able to spot the google car or google person in town. If you do send us a screen capture.

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